Thank you for your Interest in becoming a partner

The VITRUVIAN VAN will be touring North America during 2019 and 2020. There are LIMITED opportunities available to brands passionate about intentional design, eco-friendly building, and preserving wilderness.


Partnerships will be custom tailored to meet the priorities of your company and will directly support the tour; the promotion of eco-friendly lifestyles among tiny-living and vanlife communities; and support nonprofit projects working to preserve our natural wildernesses. I have nearly a decade working as a communications and marketing professional with multi-million dollar nonprofits and leading-edge artists and look forward to working together to create memorable, authentic interactions in support of an environmental mission.

Let’s get creative together!

Christopher Ives
Builder/ Artist/ Principal @ IVES MEDIA, LLC

You can quickly reach me at:


  • Peer-to-peer marketing and authentic connections with thousands of vanlifers, outdoor-living, and tiny-living enthusiasts.

  • Brand exposure at the nation’s largest vanlife, tiny home, and eco-friendly events, including speaking engagements.

  • Brand exposure across 20,000+ miles of highways, dozens of national forests and parks, and major US & Canadian cities.

  • Exposure and promotion in all media produced about the van including youtube tours, magazine articles, and more.

  • Complimentary brand and lifestyle photography packages for the partner.

  • Good karma and infinite thanks for supporting the VITRUVIAN VAN mission to help organizations working to preserve our natural wildernesses.


  • Visual branding on the outside of the van.

  • Peer-to-peer marketing and promotion of your brand or your products to thousands of interested attendees.

  • Logo and product placement in social media posts, on the website, and at major events.

  • Product review videos on Instagram and Youtube and this blog.

  • Social Media takeovers.

  • Short films tailored to the priorities of the partner.

  • The use of the Vitruvian Van in your own marketing and promotions.