Consulting & Coaching


There’s a lot of information out there about vanlife. And if we’re honest, a lot of the vanlifers are almost as new as you are. I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching the vanlife industry, and have a decade of experience working in the sustainable building and construction trades. I also hold degrees in applied ethics and sustainable development. And, of course, I designed and built the VITRUVIAN VAN.

If you’re tired of watching youtube videos and want to talk to a real person, then let’s chat. I’ve listed three areas of focus where I can provide assistance and direction. Consulting is a flat $39/hr and proceeds go to support ecosystem preservation initiatives.



Eco Design & Materials

Interested in building your own ecological van or adventure vehicle but you aren’t sure where to start? I spent months of full-time work researching material physics, thermodynamics, suppliers, manufacturers, layouts, products, and industry best practices. I also bring my expertise from a decade of working as a professional handyman and home painter, as well as degrees in environmental ethics and sustainable development. If you are looking to save yourself some time and gain some confidence, booking a few hours of consulting is a great way to get started, or get yourself out of endless second-guessing.


Downsizing & Minimalism

I have lived in tiny dwellings for more than a decade. These spaces include studio apartments, shared rooms, tents, garages, offices (shh, don’t tell), multiple passenger cars, grass huts, porches, and more. I’ve lived in these small spaces, not for days mind you, but weeks, months, and even years at a time and often with friends and significant others. Minimalism is an ideology that can increase your happiness, sense of freedom, and lower your cost of living SIGNIFICANTLY.

If you have questions or concerns about how to live a fulfilling, happy, cost-effective, and low-stress life with fewer things and/or in smaller spaces, I’m glad to offer you coaching support and resources to make your transition smooth and easy.

Budget Travel & Road-Based LIving

I’ve logged over 100,000 miles road-tripping all over North America, criss-crossing the country multiple times and in all seasons, …and always on a small budget! I have also backpacked extensively in Europe and Latin America and now live out of my van full-time. All of these experiences have provided me with multiple perspectives, pro tips, and travel-hacks for living effectively on the road.

I can help you shift your perspectives and prepare for your vanlife experience, long-term road trip, or ultra-low budget adventure. I can help you be a traveler, not a tourist. (Nobody likes tourists.)

How it works:

I charge a flat fee of only $39/hr.

Funds from consulting and coaching go toward the mission of supporting ecosystem preservation. You can easily pay with Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, or just about any other digital payment method.

Booking an Appointment:

Just email me and let me know what you’re looking for support with and what your schedule looks like for the next two weeks. I’ll quickly write back and we can pick a day and time. The first hour’s fee is due before the start of the meeting and additional hours will be rounded to the half hour and billed at the end of the call. I’ll also send you a follow up email with a recap of our conversation and any details we discussed, plus information on how your payment will be supporting ecosystem preservation. You’ll also receive an exclusive email newsletter once a quarter with tips and resources for vanlife, living small, and treading lightly.