Vitruvian Van
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The Most Ecological
Adventure Van 

a project by

christopher ives

The Vitruvian Van is a hand-crafted adventure van that incorporates advanced ecological design and high-end natural, non-toxic materials to empower its occupants to live creatively in our natural world.


Sustainable Materials

the van is LEED-certifiable and built using only high quality natural and non-toxic materials like reclaimed hardwood, stainless steel, tung oil, and F1 wool felt. healthy for the traveler, responsible for the environment.


deliberately and expertly hand-crafted over 700 hours of research, design, wood-working, and finishing. nearly every item in the van was custom-manufactured including brackets, hardware, cabinetry, and lighting.

Natural Design

beyond sustainable materials, the van’s layout and cabinetry were ecologically designed using the natural geometry of the driver’s body, to create a living space that feels intuitive, spacious, and satisfying.



I created the Vitruvian Van as an artistic statement on human development; as an answer to our collective questions: What are we all doing here? How should society develop? What are our collective priorities? I believe the answer to these questions come with a deep investigation of the systems we live in; our ecosystem.

With this in mind, the Vitruvian Van was carefully designed and crafted to act as a benchmark for what is possible with an unwavering commitment to truly responsible, ecological, and artful building. I built this website to share my research and methodologies and to provide guidance for others to consider how their home fits into our shared natural world.

The Vitruvian Van was originally conceived of during an adventure to a remote, ecologically-sensitive forest. As I bumbled along backroads in my old car, exploring and learning about this beautiful forest, I decided I wanted to come back in the future with something more suited for this environment. I wanted to make a vehicle that would not only get me deep into the back country, but also provide a comfortable space to create stories about the endangered ecosystems outside the door.

I am currently working with lead ecologists to develop media to support education and preservation initiatives for this forest. Stay tuned!


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