Vitruvian Van


The Most Ecological
Adventure Van 

a project by

christopher ives

a hand-crafted camper van that incorporates advanced ecological design and high-end natural materials to empower its occupants to live creatively in the wilderness, in service of an ecological mission.


Sustainable Materials

the van is LEED-certifiable and built using only high quality natural and non-toxic materials like reclaimed hardwood, stainless steel, natural latex, tung oil, and F1 wool felt. healthy for the traveler, responsible for the environment.


deliberately and expertly hand-crafted over 700 hours of research, design, wood-working, and finishing. nearly every item in the van was custom-manufactured including brackets, hardware, cabinetry, and lighting.

Natural Design

beyond sustainable materials, the van was carefully designed with nature. by using natural geometry like the golden ratio and architectural design principles, the living space feels intuitive and surprisingly spacious.



i created the VITRUVIAN VAN as a statement on human development; as an answer to the question: what are we all doing here? how should we develop? it seems to me that society prioritizes material growth for the benefit of ourselves. the VITRUVIAN VAN is an example of prioritizing personal growth for the benefit of everyone, and our ecosystem.

this is a van designed with nature, built from nature, and capable of bringing you to nature — to participate in our shared environment — and come to know ourselves through that participation. i believe that if we are to sustain ourselves, we need to better understand the systems we are a part of.

to this end, i will be touring this van around the country exploring wild spaces, making art, and building community at gatherings and events. i will also be offering free and discounted photography, communications, marketing, and video services through my company to any organization that are working in support of wilderness.

if you work for an organization that could benefit from this support, please reach out.

- christopher ives


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